Star Parker on “The View” – you’ve got to be kidding me

I didn’t think anyone could be more close-minded, and louder about it, than Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View.  That is until Star Parker showed up.

I really can not believe that  Barbara Walters did not ask this woman, nicely, to leave the stage during the first commercial break.  She did not listen to any other point of view that was being expressed.  She bulldozed her way through all of the political conversion, not just speaking over everyone else, but under, around, on top of, and right through everybody else.  She was annoying beyond belief and rude, not just to her fellow hosts, but to a guest on the show, Michael Moore.  If you do any research on her, she is a hypocrite.  Once again we have someone that, until she found “god”, was the poster child for liberalism.  She wrung the welfare system dry.  Now, she is a republican.  Once again we have a republican, who the republican party could care less about, based on her background, but she will stand there and defend them.

28 thoughts on “Star Parker on “The View” – you’ve got to be kidding me

  1. I don’t watch the view on a regular basis and I didn’t know who star parker was until the show but it was obvious to me that joy and barbara had both barrels loaded for Star the moment she sat down on the set. personal attacks were frequent and repeated. before star could answer any question she was interupted with the next question. she handled herself with great respect and self-control in the face of such rude and condescending people. Anyone who thought otherwise must obviously be viewing that episode with the same glasses as those who think two plus two doesn’t always equal four.

  2. As the owner of this blog, I would not disallow this posting. I believe in free speach. But it is obvius to me, Doug, that you did not watch this particular episode form the beginning. I agree the at some point Joy and Barbara started cutting her off because prior to that instead of interjecting opinion or asking questions she would turn her questions or opinions into a massive diatribe that went one for far too long about her agenda. It was not condusive to a one hour, multiple-segment, interview talk show. That is why Joy and Barbara reacted the way that hey did. It was becasue Star Parker had gone on far too long and was trying to take control of the show very early on in the broadcast. I think you need to look again at this episode from the beginning and you will see what I am talking about. An don’t talk down to me or anyone else in your replies to blog posts. I know what 2 plus 2 equals. Please don’t try to insult my intelligence or anyone else’s for that matter. That is not helpful and is not even in the realm of common coutesy when dealing with people you don’t know.

  3. It just so happens that his particular person, Star Parker, is a right wing conservative so it was really easy to add that into the conversation.

    yea LOL – you’re so oblivious, you don’t even know how bias and unreasonable you are. I didn’t see this show but I have seen others, where the guest host was/is a known liberal and their statements no matter how illogical and outrageous were accepted politely by the middle of the road fan in the audience.

    Oh oh .. stop — how do you refer to the ultra liberal socialistic homosexual Rosie. Is that too subtle for you? Or do I just have to add loudmouth, nasty, opinionated, etc etc …

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