FREEDOM OF SPEACH – the real story

So many people don’t understand what freedom of speech really means.  So I thought I would try to simplify it.

Freedom of speech means that you have the right to say that that you think someone else doesn’t deserve the right to free speech.

You must defend the negative side of “feedom of speech” if you are going to defend the positive side of “freedom of speech”.

Here’s an example:  If you want the right to say “The sky is blue”, then you must allow someone else the right to say it is not.  Freedom of speach is not about what is acceptable morally, or factually, based on general public opinon.  It is about your right to express yourself.  You can’t allow god to speak and not satan.  Both have the right to say what they want whether or not one is considered “more right” than the other.  Who decides?  No one.  That’s why we have freedom of speach.


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