Hasselbeck is still on The View?

The View was must-see TV for me this season, until recently.  Now, I watch it and I find it to be kind of funny and kind of sad.  I think it is funny that since Rosie’s departure, the topics have instantaneously become BORING!!  The sad part is that the tension in the air is palpable.  In any case, here is what pissed me off today.

The women were talking about one night stands and they went around the horn commenting on whether or not they had a one night stand at some point in their lives.  It was an unforgettable conversation; in fact I can only remember that Barbara, Joy, and the guest co-host (Lori Stokes) made some sort of comment indicating yes, they had participated in a one night stand and it was years ago.  When it came time for Hasselbeck to comment she said something like (and I paraphrase here) “yeah, well, I’ve been with Tim since I was young and in college but yeah it probably happened.”.

OK, now wait a minute.  At least the other women had the balls to say yes, they did have a once night stand at some point in their lives.  All of the these other women are older than Hasselbeck so I can understand if they don’t remember the specifics because (no offense ladies) but it was a long time ago for them.  You can’t tell me that Hasselbeck doesn’t recall (a la “Gonzales” and “Goodling”) whether or not she had a one night stand.  She’s only what, 30 years old?

It just pisses me off that even in everyday conversations she answers a question just like a republican crony.  “I don’t recall”, “I don’t remember”, “Well, maybe, but I’m not sure”.  What is this woman still doing on the airwaves?  Somebody, please, please answer me why.  God forbid poor christian Elisabeth (to coin a phrase) is human and may have had a one night stand in college.

2 thoughts on “Hasselbeck is still on The View?

  1. Elisabeth is a very dedicated Christian, and believe it or not a lot of Christians don’t believe in one-night stands or sex before marriage! If she says she never had a one-night stand, maybe it’s because she never had sex before she married Tim? A lot of Americans are commited to virginity before marriage!

  2. I have no doubt that Elisabeth is a dedicated Christian and I have no problem with that at all. I also would have no problem is she did not believe in or participate in a one-night stand.
    I appreciate your comment but I think you missed the point of the posting. She was evasive in her answers by saying she “can’t recall” or “can’t remember”. The evasiveness is what I object to and is exactly what she accuses other of being, especially progressives. I don’t really care if she had a one night stand or not and I would have been more content if she had simply said “I really don’t feel comfortable answering this question since it is so personal” as opposed to giving an evasive answer, thereby avoiding the truth. Elisabeth asked Rosie to defend her own insinuations, I’m asking that she do the same and stop being a hypocrite. Or resign like Rosie did.

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