Run, Fred, Run

Fred Thompson, is an older, smarter, balder, more intelligent, male version of Elisabeth Hasselbeck (the smarter part wasn’t tough to beat).   They are both one-track-mind, talking-point-memo-reading, blind-presidential-trust-giving, right-wing conservatives. (That’s a lot of dashes.)

I say, let him run.  America is, at its very core, so sick and tired of their kind.  It’s just a shame that he will spend so much money, which could go to feed the poor or cure aids or cure cancer, on a campaign for an office that he won’t win.  Good night and good luck.

By the way, the few times I have typed the word Hasselbeck on my blog, I get a spell-check error suggesting “Horseback” or just plain “hassle”.  Coincidence… be the judge.


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