Donald Trump is like George Bush because of Rosie O’Donnell

Donald Trump now reminds me of the Bush Administration.  Let me explain.

First I can’t believe that Nancy Grace on CNN let Donald Trump call in on her “hot line” and let him drone on forever (I don’t exactly know how long because I got sick of it but it went through a commercial break or two) about Rosie, as if he is the authoritative source, not her publicist, her agent, her lawyer, or even HER.  What really bugged me is that Trump started this diatribe about how unprofessional she is by leaving early when she only had 3 weeks left, then it was 2 weeks, then it was just “a few days left”.   And I thought “wait a minute!”.  How did we go from 3 weeks left to a few days left in a matter of a few minutes of conversation.

The whole experience of watching this seemed like a metaphor to me of the Bush administration and how the supposed facts get twisted, reduced, sliced and diced.  Then they are repeated over and over again until the brain dead television audience can recite it back word for word with blank, cold, zombie-like stares on their faces.  If you say it enough times, people will believe it.

Now, I don’t agree with absolutely 100% of everything Rosie says, but I must say that when I was home sick last fall with a back injury, it happened to be when she first started on “The View”.  She had a lot to say and maybe didn’t always say it right.  I know I don’t always say things 100% correctly.   But I knew what she meant and she opened up dialog about topics that were not being discussed elsewhere.  She has said, and hopefully will continue to say, things out loud that need to be said.


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