Viet Nam vets

I guess I am too young to remember this and I feel bad that I don’t know enough about it.  When the Viet Nam soldiers returned home, they were not treated well and I guess I don’t understand why.  Today when troops return home from Iraq or anywhere else for that matter, they are often greeted by crowds of people at the airport and at minimum treated as heroes when they come home.

 I live in Maine and it is a customary, or rather tradition, for a group of civilians to meet and cheer for troops coming home via Bangor International Airport, no matter what time of day or night.   On a recent trip to Atlanta I noticed the same thing when I came up the escalators to the baggage claim area.  I don’t understand the difference and I feel badly for the Viet Nam veterans.  For me, I want them, as well as our troops today, to know that I personally want to thank them for serving our country……..and me.  I am too shy to walk up to a soldier in uniform and shake their hand and say “Thank you”.  I think it is my lack of knowledge about war and being a soldier that makes me too self-conscious to say anything directly to them.  I love our troops and I am sure that most other people probably do too.  On behalf of those of us who, for whatever reason, don’t say anything directly, or out-loud, I want to say THANK YOU and if you need a hug we have one of those for you too.


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